In my practice, I reconsider the telling of stories and the power that auto narratives hold. I use found materials to make sculptural objects. I am interested in traumas that are personal, historical and shared. To live in a constant awareness of trauma there is an active sense of surveillance. The trauma of an event lives in one’s memory through an image without language. In the sculptures I make, I find a visual language that responds to the materiality of forms and structures. Using familiar and mundane objects, I hope to break the cycle of the mundane and the cyclical in my work. The objects are a reincarnation of the memory image that becomes tangible and I hope that the object, when in material space, breaks the loop of re-visitation to an event.  


Rebecca Ou was born and raised in Singapore and later moved to Vancouver, Canada. She received a BFA (Hons) in Fine Arts and a minor in Psychology from the University of British Columbia. She works interdisciplinary in sculpture, performance and installation.