Interior Stretch

Interior Stretch explores the body as sculpture. The material that is stretched with the body is used as a costume and I activate the architectural space with the body. The radiator is used as a source of warmth for the body as I used the floor as working space to support the body. The work is all of the above - photograph, performance, installation, and costume.  


I echo the question that Emily Apter poses “Can one seduce through an abstracted visual femininity while derealizing the female body in art?”[1] in Fetishism and Visual Seduction in Mary Kelly’s Interim.


[1] Pg 103 October Files, Mary Kelly  Fetishism and Visual Seduction in Mary Kelly’s Interim Emily Apter


The fixing together of separate units is important to me in terms of care, healing and trauma. My own trauma has been realized across time and I wanted time in the work to be evident in the stitching of the fabric.